Wealth management.
A business

Conducted with the same quality of service for each of our three types of clients: private investors, institutional and professional clients, families and extensive portfolios.

We can therefore focus all our energy and expertise on one clear goal: delivering performance, always applying a deep sense of responsibility. To achieve this, we follow three principles: consistency of our results, discipline of our process and innovation in our techniques.

Private Investors

To build the portfolio best suited to your needs, our investment process follows several key steps.

Setting the goals

Our first concern is to understand you.
This is why we always start by evaluating your personal situation, in order to establish together your individual goals and the framework for our action. This includes assessing your potential income needs, integrating other assets you may own, understanding at what stage of your career you stand and identifying your estate planning and tax issues.

Establishing a tailor-made strategy

The choice of strategy depends on a number of factors which we discuss together: your investment objectives, your risk tolerance, your time horizon and, of course, your personal preferences.

Selecting the best investment vehicles

Our analysis and process for selecting securities or mutual funds allow us to target investments that provide superior and consistent returns, but above all, those that best meet your goals. These choices are made without any conflict of interest, thus guaranteeing a truly tailor-made service.

Suggesting innovative strategies

If particular themes or issues are important to you, we will of course include them in your investment strategy. Whether you wish to exclude certain types of investments or to favour certain themes, we take your preferences into account.

Institutional and professional clients

Our management expertise and the efficiency of our operational structure meet the most demanding requirements.

Welcoming experienced wealth managers

We created Sept Finance as an open entrepreneurial project, designed to incorporate the best talents around a single unifying idea. We enthusiastically welcome quality managers or partners who share our values ​​and vision of the business.

Join the team

Managing professional portfolios

Do you prefer to focus on the relationship with your clients, instead of letting regulations and the complexity of the investment world take up all your energy? If that is the case, we can put our experience and highly structured organization at your disposal to analyse your portfolios, provide advice, or take over its management.

Managing and advising investment funds

The rigorous discipline of our investment process and our thorough understanding of all financial instruments make us the ideal partner to manage your investment funds or to advise on their holdings.

Families & extensive portfolios

For a very affluent family, wealth management goes far beyond the simple investment of a stock portfolio.

Analysis and strategy

Thanks to a 360-degree view of your family’s wealth, we advise you in the definition of a truly comprehensive strategy, ranging from the analysis and consolidation of your assets to the planning for generational change and governance issues of your different investments.

Global wealth management

For your financial assets, we assist you in designing an investment strategy tailored to your goals. After careful evaluation, we guide you in the selection of the different vehicles. And thanks to our full independence, the management of the assets which are entrusted to us is free of any conflict of interest.

Additional services

The investment of assets is only one step in the management of one’s wealth. We can also support and advise you on a wide range of additional services, such as bookkeeping, preparation of tax returns and other fiduciary services.