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We welcome experienced client advisors

Join us and participate in the Sept Finance experience.

Our way of welcoming client advisors at Sept Finance is based on an open and dynamic entrepreneurial project with the aim of integrating the best individuals within a single collective concept.

Client advisors who join us are willing to adopt and share our values and vision of our profession.

What we at Sept Finance principally offer are our competence and efficiency of our operational structure. Through this, we manage to meet the highest expectations while respecting administrative and legal norms that apply in the industry of asset management.

Among others, we give access to the application Mydesq, one of the most technologically advanced, innovative and dynamic working tools available today.

Furthermore, joining Sept Finance means being part of a company which enjoys the highest recognition and regard among depository banks, financial partners and the regulatory authorities in Switzerland.

Our business model is attractive and fair. The principles are transparent and based on equitable participation in results. Approximate potential revenue statistics can be simulated through the use of the calculator “At First Glance”.

Our structure also allows to welcoming client advisors who wish to participate in the firm’s results, either as simple partners, or through the acquisition of share capital.

Sept Finance can thus open the door towards a collective enterprise to which all client advisors contribute through their experience.

For further information, contact us and enter into the Sept Finance universe.

At First Glance

Counselling the professionals

As client advisor you may ask yourself whether you prefer to dedicate your time fully to the relation with your clients rather than having to spend your energy on the regulatory issues and the complexities of today’s investment environment.

The question is legitimate, and we think that our experience and our well-structured organization can provide an answer. We offer three options:

1) You delegate the asset management function fully to us

In our strategic and tactical investment committees, economic and market situations are systematically assessed and the financial market behaviour analysed in detail. All recommendations are carefully researched and justified so that you can comfortably position yourself vis-à-vis our proposals.

From there, we can provide you with model portfolios in different reference currencies and with various risk profiles: from the more defensive “Income” to the more aggressive “Growth”. These portfolios will be dynamic and will always be at your disposal.

2) You solicit our investment advice

You will be able to benefit from the support and competence of our team for specific investment advice or particular financial market research.

3) You will have access to our choice of investment products

Our selection process leads to the creation of a universe of a large number of investment funds and individual securities which are integrated in the relevant asset classes of our client portfolios

Our Portfolio Management Offering